Monday, 23 January 2012

35mm Film

my yearbook comments

Over the past few days I’ve received comments to put in my space in the yearbook (and sent comments out in kind). The comments I received were so wonderful and I don’t have nearly enough space for all of them so I just wanted to record the ones I’ve received so far in my own mini-montage. 

Harry: You know that woman on that advert juggling her life? That’s you. 
You’re an amazing actress, photographer and friend. And I will model for you any time. Don’t forget me when you’re rich, famous and successful. xx 

HannahLizard and Sharkey’s great adventure. Holland. Malawi. Chickens. Photo walks. Dance Lessons. London, baby. Pink truth or dare box. Geoffrey. That is all. Well not quite, but there are too many to put in.
p.s. I love you lots and am going to miss you.

Charlie:   As niceness has not been made obligatory: you suck. So you can take your intelligent, hilarious, beautiful and painfully addictive person, and go be a creative inspiration elsewhere. 
P.S. Please never leave me, I don’t think I could cope.

Amy: Tiger, you have my second favourite hair and, if you weren’t so straight and that, I’d probably fancy you. I enjoy taking you out for cocktails and then chillaxing at Masion d’amy with kebab shop chips and whatever U-rated movie we can find. I’ll miss you a crazy amount when you go off to uni and will continue to follow your Flickr stream religiously :) I love you, my ginger x

Andy: Geography with you has been a great laugh, you’re very quirky, adorable and a genuinely kind person. Sorry if my geography inuendos have corrupted these nice traits you have. You’re fabulous :D Xxxx

Ellie: Louise, you’re gorgeous and eloquent and creative and funny and oh-so mad!!! I wish I’d got to know you earlier you are such a wonderful person and you don’t even realise it! all the best…please don’t develop any common sense it will spoil you entirely ;) love youu xxxx

Rob: Louise, you are the epitome of the kind of person I’d love to be: sailing through life being extremely talented at everything you turn your hand to and always looking on the bright side of a situation! Your photography still takes my breath away and I hope you’ll never forget that The Wheatsheaf in Swineshead is very different to the one in Hubbert’s Bridge.

Leigh: Louise, I have no idea how you have put up with me and my constant ginger jokes. You are one of the most amazing people I have ever had the pleasure to meet. You’re super smart, hilarious and absolutely gorgeous. I love you lots! Always :) xxxx

Daisy:  Oh my gosh there’s so much to say! Seven years with you and I still love you SO much! You are so talented, beautiful and wonderful, so there’s no way I’m letting you go even after we finish school! You are my wonderful ginger twin and it’s what we will forever have in common! Love ya <3

Jack: Louise, you are probably one the most kind and caring people to have ever existed. And i only wished that i had known you for longer, also you make some of the most distracting noise ever espically your highpitched yawn

Thomas: Everybody else in our lives may try to formulate how I feel towards you into words, and I’m sure most of them would genuinely be words I would use, but not this time. This time all I shall say is that you are all anyone could hope to be, and regardless of what you yourself may think, you are a beacon in the mists of mountains and a flame in the frozen wastes whose warmth, light and energy attracts every lonely wanderer who comes within your shining example. I have grown accustomed to seeing you constantly, and have become so used to sitting before the hearth that every time I even turn my head from its radiance, I remember how cold the world would be without you in it; and I thank God that you are.

Eleanor's 18th

Tuesday, 10 January 2012