Monday, 27 February 2012

"Hidden Desires"

Outtakes from my final piece for AS art. I'm hoping to get them printed in a book, as I think that'd look good for display. 
There's a big concept with this one. Maybe one day I'll show you. 

221B Baker Street and more.

Charlie took me to London. We watched Mamma Mia live and danced along, and went to see 221B Baker Street and Sherlock and Watson's house, and we saw the dinosaurs and ate and wandered London at night a lot. It was a fantastic weekend. 

The Artist

Thomas and I dressed up to go and see the Artist at the weekend, at the Kinema in the Woods, a cinema which hasn't changed since 1929, effectively. It was a wonderful evening, very atmospheric, and the film was fantastic, vastly deserving its Oscar wins. 

 Makeup tracks from crying at the film!

Hannah, Megan, Thomas