Friday, 13 April 2012

RubyRed Boutique

Photography: Louise Spence
Clothing: RubyRed Boutique, Lincoln
Model: Daisy

Edinburgh #2, April 2012

We ventured up to Edinburgh to see where I'll hopefully be studying and living for the next four years, and all it did was snow. Thankfully the university's great.

Jedburgh castle: (we stayed in the boarders with the other half of my family) 

Jedburgh Abbey: 

In from the cold: 

Grandma's house:

Snow dusted:

defrosting (ourselves):

My uncle's yard (which I vaguely remember from childhood) 

The view over Edinburgh, taken from the car at Arthur's Seat:


Curious little robin redbreast sat outside my mother's window.
Looked at me as if to say "what're you looking at?"
He wasn't camera shy.