Thursday, 29 December 2011

2011: A Year in Photographs













Oh, what a year. 

Recent Photos From School

Harry Darlington posing for my art project.

Sanjit - Adam's first attempt with an SLR 
Adam and Sanjit

Adam and I; Sanjit's photography

McDermott and Hunter Comedy Inc.

McDermott and Hunter Comedy Inc. 

McDermott and Hunter Comedy Inc.



Wednesday, 28 December 2011

26th - 28th December

Boxing day morning, I woke up exhausted at 7.30 only to have to be at work by 8.20am. After sitting outside the store waiting for it to open for half an hour one of my bosses finally turned up and told me I wasn't even on the rota, and needn't have come in. Even though I felt like crying I offered to stay and one of the girls who was supposed to be working phoned in sick, so all's well that end's well. I spent the day repricing and serving customers and had a very fleeting conversation with a French family who came in. I found out, however, that I won't have a job for much longer (I was a Christmas-period worker) which means there's very little chance I'll manage to save up enough to go to Canada in summer. What I've earned from the days I've worked has only just covered what I've spent over the Christmas period, which is very demoralizing, but such is life.
Boxing day evening Thomas came to visit and we watched the Aristocats (one of my favourite childhood films, so the DVD was one of my favourite Christmas presents!) and played Angry Birds, as ever. Tuesday, we woke up and went walking. We stopped at the local church and I searched the graveyard for my great nan's headstone which I used to visit but was unsuccessful. We walked a couple of miles to a pub in another village. I had Malibu and coke and he had beer, and we each ate lasagna (except that mine had meat in). We wandered down to two different pubs but only drank in one of them and wandered along the river awhile, then walked back. Just as we arrived home my relatives all arrived over so we sat and evaded the festivities and caught up with the Big Bang Theory and QI for the evening, then this morning after a chaotic egg breakfast I took a couple of pictures and he left. 
It's nice to be back to normal routine, and I feel very lucky. 

25th December: Walking on Christmas Day

Mum, Sadie and I went strolling. We walked until sunset and came across a frankly frightening face in the woods and I took photos and irritated mum but in a nice way.